Adeela Abbasi
Resident Services Coordinator / Benning Heights and Anacostia Gardens

Adeela Abbasi has been resident services coordinator with Operation Pathways since 2017. Adeela graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in communications. Adeela has been in the affordable housing arena for over 10 years and is committed to ensuring that everyone has a chance at sustainable housing solutions. Her most recent work was with Habitat for Humanity International where she worked as a development consultant and traveled around the country to help guide local affiliates. Adeela has come to Operation Pathways with pertinent experience and the eagerness to work toward improving the overall quality of life for the residents in her SE DC properties.

Pamela Anderson
Resident Services Coordinator / Ships’ Cove

Pamela Anderson has 35 years of experience in human services coordination. She graduated from Westfield State University with a degree in education and began her career teaching adults with disabilities; however, soon realized her true passion in service coordination, outreach, and program development. While working for the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Disabilities Pamela developed the first ‘retirement component’ which was subsequently utilized as a proto-type state-wide. Pamela established Senior Advocates; a program geared towards aiding elders wishing to age in-place, at home. As the Chelsea site director for Bay Cove Human Services of Boston, Pamela developed a new model for developmentally disabled, behaviorally challenged women that successfully encouraged independence. She has always appreciated the challenge of working with people who face multiple obstacles to healthy stable living; most recently she a developed a program for ‘tenancy preservation’ which deals with the high eviction rates for individuals with mental illness. Her presentation was a topic of discussion at the annual conference for New England Service Coordinators in Housing. Pamela serves on the board of directors for Massachusetts Service Coordinators in Housing and is the co-chair for their southeastern chapter. She also belongs to Greater Fall River Partners for a Healthier Community where she has participated in several steering comities, United Neighbors of Fall River, South Coast Serves, and is a proud member of Blue Star Mothers.



Kimberly Brooks
Resident Services Coordinator /
Cleme Manor

Kimberly Brooks is the resident services coordinator at Cleme Manor. As a proud panther alumnus of Prairie View A&M University, she holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in human sciences. With a passion for helping others she has worked with children, families, and homeless veterans in various settings such as schools, hospitals, and in the community. In her role as social service support director, Kimberly managed the onsite community center and the needs of residents enrolled in housing programs. Her experience with community health includes connecting individuals in need with The Rose mobile mammography program and the 340B Discount Drug Pricing Program. This work experience qualified Kimberly to be a certified community health worker. Her hobbies include spending time with family and friends, reading and writing, and being a social butterfly fluttering into new life experiences.

Dong Bui
Resident Services Coordinator / Winter Hill

Dong Bui has been with Operation Pathways, Inc. since October 2013. She equips the seniors at her property with the knowledge and resources to help live a better life by organizing workshops, computer classes, assisting them with Medicare/Medicaid paperwork, and believing in their capabilities and not their limitations. Dong Bui was in charge of elderly assistance program at BPSOS Inc. for four years. Dong also worked as a counselor for elderly Vietnamese trauma survivors, who were former South-Vietnam soldiers imprisoned by the communists after the fall of Saigon. This position helped to establish communication and provide support via a program funded by Boat People SOS, Inc. In 1990, Dong Bui also received a bachelor's degree in computer science from Central State University, Edmond, Oklahoma.

Patti Chewning
Resident Services Coordinator / Foxwood Manor
Patti’s journey at Foxwood began as a volunteer for resident services. Soon after, she was offered the position of resident services coordinator in March 2002. In 2002 and 2004, she received awards for “Best Practices in Resident Services” in the Mid-Atlantic Region. For 2004, she was awarded the “Outstanding Newsletter” in the Mid-Atlantic Region. 2009, She won “Best Supporting Partner” for the VITA Tax Preparation site. In 2013 Patti won “Women Who Make a Difference Award” from the YWCA and the Bucks County Opportunity Council. Over the years she have provided new educational services as well as on-going services to the residents and local community.
Kim Fountain
Resident Services Coordinator / Bayview Towers
Kim Fountain has been a resident services coordinator at Bayview Towers since 2011. Kim has a master’s degree as a counselor educator with a concentration in student development from Central Connecticut State University; and worked in higher education for 11 years prior to joining the Operation Pathways team. She has a passion to help others succeed in every stage of their life. She developed a love for community work by volunteering as a coach in tennis for Special Olympics, working with Habitat for Humanity, and assisting in the development of elementary school learning trails. In her free time she loves to go dancing, hiking, photography, and spending time with her family and friends.

Linnea Hurst
Resident Services Coordinator / Mark Twain Hotel and Hotel Covent

Linnea Hurst is the resident services coordinator at Mark Twain Hotel and Hotel Covent, in Chicago. Linnea graduated from Grinnell College with a B.A. in English. After graduating, she worked on organic farms in Japan. She then discovered her passion for social service through volunteering at a non-profit in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. She is dedicated to working alongside marginalized communities to ensure they have the tools and resources to thrive. In her free time, Linnea volunteers with several grassroots organizations in Chicago, and is constantly thrilled to live in such a vibrant and dynamic city. She also enjoys seeking out spicy food, and trying in vain to entertain her two hyper-active cats.

Beverly Johnson
Resident Services Coordinator / Roundtree Residences and Benning Heights
Beverly is number twelve of thirteen siblings born and raised in Washington, DC.  She attended both parochial and DC public schools. She obtained her B.S. degree in business management at Southeastern University in Washington, D. C. and her M.A. degree in management and leadership at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.


Beverly has a passion for serving her community and has many years of experience in the District of Columbia working to support and empower families to ensure successful outcomes.  She has volunteered to tutor and mentor elementary through high school students. She worked for ten years as the director of the Family Learning Center at Hyde Leadership Public Charter School where her work involved developing relationships with students and parents, government agencies, and community groups as well as business and media partners. While working as the parent coordinator at Frank W. Ballou Senior High School, she was involved in implementing strategies aimed at increasing parent engagement and eliminating barriers toward participating in their child’s education. She is highly committed and dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life for the residents of the District of Columbia to make their lives safe, healthy, and vibrant.

Tiffany Martinez
Resident Services Coordinator /
Forest Park & Walnut Square Apartments

Tiffany Martinez is the resident services coordinator in New Orleans, Louisiana. She joined the Operation Pathways team in August 2009, with a focus on helping to grow the organization's healthy living program. After Tiffany received her Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in health education and coaching from Central Michigan University, she ventured to New Orleans to aid in the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina and fell in love with that unique city. With her nine years of health-based youth and family programming experience, Tiffany continues to impact communities in New Orleans by serving on the board of Playworks Louisiana and a being a member of the YLC New Orleans.

Franceria Moore
Resident Services Coordinator / Washington Dodd

Franceria Moore is a native of North Carolina where she attended both public and private schools. Prior to taking the position of resident services coordinator at Washington Dodd Apartments, she lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and became the founder and CEO of iHope Inc.; a non-profit organization dedicated to the service and advocacy of children and their families in underserved communities. This is the passion that drives her to stay involved with organizations, like Operation Pathways, that seek to bring about positive changes within communities. She holds a Bachelor’s of Art in organizational management and a Graduate Certificate from Loyola Marymount University in executive educational leadership. Currently, she is completing a Master’s of Science in strategic leadership and Innovation at the University of Charleston. Franceria was also a L.E.A.D. (Leadership for Excellence, Accountability and Diversity) fellow during an 18-month intensive program for leaders of color. Franceria demonstrates a passion for helping people realize their purpose and utilize their untapped abilities. She is a mentor to young people who aspire to become servant leaders and works intensely with them to support them in the process of becoming effective local leaders no matter their field of interest.

Deborah Oshin
Resident Services Coordinator / Columbia Heights Village

Deborah Oshin is the resident services coordinator at Columbia Heights Village located in Washington, DC. At a young age Deborah developed a passion for helping people by visiting homeless shelters to distribute clothing and personal hygiene products with her church. Deborah has a passion for helping those in need become more self-sufficient in life by connecting them with resources and benefits in the community, government, and non-profit agencies. Deborah has a background in the human services field working with families who are in need of assistance to help remove any barriers they might have for achieving success. Deborah graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in sociology. Prior to joining the Operation Pathways team, Deborah worked as a team lead in a Supportive Services for Veteran Families program which focused on ending veteran homelessness in the DC, MD, and VA area. Deborah worked alongside other SSVF programs, shelters, and outreach teams and the Department of Veteran Affairs to provide supportive services to veterans and their families. Deborah maintains a positive attitude and outlook on life and encourages people to be happy while explaining how it increases chances of success in any endeavor. Deborah enjoys cooking, traveling, and challenging herself to make an impact in society.



Jen Roy
Resident Services Coordinator / Bolton North
Jen Roy has been the resident services coordinator at Bolton North in Baltimore, Maryland since June 2016. Jen has been serving those with critical housing needs her entire career. At Bolton North, she serves resident seniors and those with disabilities by providing them with the resources they need to live rich and engaging lives in the vibrant neighborhood of Bolton Hill, our building's namesake.
Before joining our team, Jen was a Housing Counselor at Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership, formerly the HUD subsidized Metropolitan Baltimore Quadel voucher program. She also worked for Housing Counseling Services, Inc. in Washington D.C. providing housing solutions to veterans who were struggling with homelessness or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Once immediate housing crises were resolved, she worked with clients to develop stable long-term plans for reducing homeless recidivism among veterans. Jen has a bachelor’s degree in history and economics from Maryville College and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of District of Columbia, David A. Clarke school of law.

Nadine Worlds
Resident Services Coordinator /
Hollybush Gardens

Nadine Worlds joined Operation Pathway in September of 2003 and worked as a resident services coordinator for several years at Hollybush. She rejoined Operation Pathways in September 2014. Nadine has more than 15+ years overall of success developing and managing new programs and orchestrating special initiatives, events, and projects. She is a motivated, business professional with a passion and commitment to civic activities that enhance the community. Nadine is flexible and versatile, poised and competent with demonstrated ability to easily transcend cultural differences.

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