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 Henok Mengistu

Henok Mengistu RSC, Columbia Heights Village Apartments, Washington, DC

Henok works at Columbia Heights Village Apartments in Washington, DC. He moved to the United States in 2018 from Ethiopia and is married and the father of two children. From 2011–2018, Henok founded a tutoring social enterprise that provided temporary employment services for more than 350 young graduates and served as a bridge between college and formal employment. Henok was selected by President Barack Obama to participate in the Young African Leaders Initiative and Mandela Washington Fellowship and attended a social entrepreneurship certificate program at the University of San Diego.

Henok has been serving as a Resident Service Coordinator in DC at multiple locations. He also serves his community by actively engaging in civic duties. Currently, Henok is serving a 3-year term as a Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) member appointed by the County Executive of Montgomery, MD.