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Tsani Rhodes

Tsani Rhodes RSC, Bayview Towers, Stamford, Connecticut

Tsani Rhodes is the resident services coordinator at Bayview Towers in Stamford, CT.  Tsani holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in human services from the University of Bridgeport. Tsani is a Stamford native and has over 7 years of working with at risk youth in her community providing trauma-informed care. Tsani has experience in positive youth development, mental health, education, and technology. In her free time Tsani enjoys hiking with her dog Oso, baking and shopping.

Brea Young

Brea Young Lead Facilitator, Makerspace, Bayview Towers, Stamford, Connecticut

Brea Young is the Lead Facilitator of the Makerspace at Bayview Towers in Stamford, CT. Brea holds a bachelor’s degree in digital media and design from the University of Connecticut. She has experience in marketing, design, working with startups, local businesses and non-profits. In addition Brea has several years of experience working with at risk youth and providing enrichment programing to the community. Brea is an all around creative and aims to inspire and share her passion for art, design, and tech through her work with the community.