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Please click on a property for information about Operation Pathways and the RSC at that site.

Bayview Towers Connecticut Bayview Towers Stamford
Benning Heights District of Columbia Benning Heights Washington
Parkchester District of Columbia Parkchester Washington
The Roundtree Residences District of Columbia The Roundtree Residences Washington
Takoma Place Apartments District of Columbia Takoma Place Apartments Washington
Hotel Covent Illinois Hotel Covent Chicago
Forest Park Louisiana Forest Park New Orleans
Walnut Square Louisiana Walnut Square New Orleans
Bolton North Maryland Bolton North Baltimore
Hollander Ridge Maryland Hollander Ridge Baltimore
Alexander House Maryland Alexander House Hagerstown
Ships’ Cove Massachusetts Ships’ Cove Fall River
Foxwood Manor Pennsylvania Foxwood Manor Levittown
The Citadel Texas The Citadel Houston
Cleme Manor Texas Cleme Manor Houston
The Strand Residences District of Columbia The Strand Residences Washington