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Finley Fonkenmun

Finley Fonkenmun RSC, Calvin Mowbray Park / Stephen Camper Park, Cambridge & Princess Anne Townhouses, Princess Anne, Maryland

Finley Fonkenmun is the resident services coordinator at Calvin Mowbray Park / Stephen Camper Park in Cambridge, Maryland and Princess Anne Townhouses in Princess Anne, Maryland. Born and raised in Cameroon (Africa), Finley has a Masters degree in social sciences from the University of Eastern Finland. His background is in social work and he has experience working with non-profit organizations in project management and coordination. Finley is passionate about promoting community development and working with the less privileged individuals to discover and develop their full potential. Finley is the founder of a non-profit which supports youth and women in aspects of health and education as an effort to impact and give back to his community. He is currently pursuing his PhD in organizational leadership at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, photography, and cooking.