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Resident Stories

We are committed to helping our residents realize their dreams of becoming self-sufficient by providiing them with opportunity through our programs and services. In big and small ways, we are working within our communities to change lives. These are just a few of the stories of the impact our housing-based services are having on the lives of our residents:

“This was the summer after my first year in college. My iPhone had just broken and I wanted to get a new phone but this time with my own money. I thought about getting a job for the summer and as fate would have it Bayview had just set up an internship program. This was the perfect opportunity, not only would I gain experience in the work field and funds but information on how to be money smart.

Each module had great advice organized in a detailed manner to explain what to do and how to do it. An abundance of information is easy to find on the internet but its credibility is another story, that’s why I appreciate the fact that I can trust the information that I got here. What I also learned but was not in the modules was how to go on interviews and write a professional resume to draw attention to my best attributes. With what I’ve learned from those modules I believe I’ll go forth with a new mindset.

Now that this internship is complete I have earned enough to buy my new phone. With the money remaining I will save for any future wants and needs. This was a very productive summer and I’ve gotten a lot out of this program. Next summer I hope other interns lucky enough to join will get as much out of this experience as I have.”

“Before the Operation Pathways internship position, I was thinking about all the things I wanted to do with my money. Like buying a new PS4, clothes, sneakers, and headphones. But I realized I don’t need some of those things right now I should save up for the long run.”

“The community center saved my life. If they did not bring the Mammogram van to Bayview Towers, I never would had the picture done, I never would have found out that I had breast cancer. Lucky for me they catch it early, I could have lost a breast or even my life.”

“Chef, I did my homework. I wanted to make Haitian food, but I switched it up. I went home, made some couscous with cabbage and grated meat, and it was the bomb.”

“I’m very thankful for the monthly newsletter at Foxwood Manor. A few months ago you did a piece on “Stroke Awareness.” A few days later I started getting signs that I knew weren’t right. Thank god my sister came down from upstate PA for a visit. Well, she ended up taking me to St. Mary’s ER. There I was told it was a good thing I got there as fast as I did, because my heart went into AFIB and if there was a blood clot it would have went to my brain and I would have had a stroke. If it wasn’t for the newsletter with that information I don’t know what would have happened! Thank you all so much, that newsletter and information saved my life!”

“I like the Washington Dodd community center because it provides an amazing afterschool program that offers a virtual tour around the world. Each week I get to learn about a new place and their customs. When I don’t understand my homework, I get remarkable help. Sometimes in class, at school, I get stars for new ways I can solve problems and equations from what I learn at the community center. At the center, we have fun doing arts and crafts and so much more! We have healthy snacks and fitness each day. It’s the absolute best place to be!.”

“I used to sit in the house depressed before I learned of the programs at the Washington Dodd community center. When I attended the dietician and nutrition program in the community center, I learned of other programs that interested me. I attended the knitting class the next day and made new friends and learned a new skill.”