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Karina Molina

Karina Molina RSC, Plaza Borinquen Apartments, Bronx, New York

Karina Molina is the resident services coordinator at Plaza Borinquen Apartments in the Bronx, New York. Karina has 7+ years in social service work. She has worked with numerous agencies around New York city. Karina currently holds a Bachelors in Child Psychology, and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Currently Karina is in school earning another Masters from Hofstra University, in Health Law and Policy. Her desire to serve and help people stems from personal experiences and paths chosen.  Karina is a fun, energetic person that will put the needs of her community as her number one priority. She has a big heart, and  is always ready to help, or listen to the concerns of others. Karina’s goal for Plaza Borinquen is to always include every resident so that they may thrive within the community.