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Faviola Moreira Cano

Faviola Moreira Cano RSC, Takoma Place Apartments & Enrichment Coordinator, Anacostia Gardens, Washington, DC

Faviola Moreira Cano, originally from Ecuador, holds a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology and a certification in International Defense of Human Rights from the University of Zaragoza, Spain. She is the Enrichment Coordinator at Anacostia Gardens Apartments and the RSC at Takoma Place Apartments, Washington, DC. Faviola has been working in non-profit organizations with migrants, refugees, and underserved communities with roles in project management, psychological interventions, group therapy, community intervention, economy stability, and resettlement. Since Faviola was little girl, she has enjoyed volunteering with different organizations in her country. The moment that changed her life was when she helped refugees from the 2016 earthquake in Ecuador. In her free time, Faviola enjoys traveling, singing, playing the guitar, and swimming.