Forest Park

DeQuinten Glenn RSC, Forest Park, New Orleans, Louisiana

DeQuinten Glenn is the resident services coordinator at Forest Park in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a Louisiana native with his masters in Higher Education Administration from Louisiana State University. DeQuinten has 5+ years of experience providing services in communities throughout the Southern United States. His lifelong passion involves connecting students with art, financial literacy, workplace development, and college access programs. DeQuinten’s lifelong dream is to provide these programs across the world and show students in all walks of life that the sky is the limit.

Mya LaGrange RSA, Forest Park, New Orleans, Louisiana

Mya LaGrange is the resident services assistant at Forest Park in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She was born and raised in Southeastern Louisiana and has a passion for serving the residents of her community. Mya is a graduate of the University of Missouri – Columbia, where her studies included political science, journalism, and multicultural studies. Since her time in college, Mya lived in Austin, Texas, where she gained experience in administration and operations. Returning to her home state of Louisiana last year, Mya has brought her passion for community advocacy to the Operations Pathways team in New Orleans. Her hobbies include writing children’s literature & poetry as well as trying out new restaurants and coffee shops in New Orleans.