Forest Park

DeQuinten Glenn RSC, Forest Park, New Orleans, Louisiana

DeQuinten Glenn is the resident services coordinator at Forest Park in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a Louisiana native with his masters in Higher Education Administration from Louisiana State University. DeQuinten has 5+ years of experience providing services in communities throughout the Southern United States. His lifelong passion involves connecting students with art, financial literacy, workplace development, and college access programs. DeQuinten’s lifelong dream is to provide these programs across the world and show students in all walks of life that the sky is the limit.

Tiffany Martinez Regional Manager, Forest Park & Walnut Square Apartments, New Orleans, Louisiana

Tiffany Martinez is the regional manager New Orleans, Louisiana. She joined the Operation Pathways team in August 2009, with a focus on helping to grow the organization’s healthy living program. After Tiffany received her Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in health education and coaching from Central Michigan University, she ventured to New Orleans to aid in the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina and fell in love with that unique city. With her nine years of health-based youth and family programming experience, Tiffany continues to impact communities in New Orleans by serving on the board of Playworks Louisiana and a being a member of the YLC New Orleans.