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Yvette Sapp

Yvette Sapp RSC, Forest Park, New Orleans, Louisiana

“I am a Mom, Church Leader, Community Leader, Sister, Daughter & Friend. I believe that every person is different and unravels differently, but if I can bring a little healing into their lives, I have accomplished a great task.”

Yvette has worked in Human Relations for over 20 years. Her educational background started in Psychology but after deciding that she wanted to help people who were chemically dependent on substances, she changed her skill set and got her associates degree in that field. From there, Yvette worked in a variety of professions, to include CAN, Secretary-Stenography, Customer Relation Liaison, Clerical Manager & Nutrition Educator.

In her free time Yvette enjoys looking up and cooking new recipes for the elderly people in her life, so she knows that they are getting something to eat and it’s healthy. Yvette also enjoys the beach, time with family and friends, and quiet time alone watching television or completing crossword puzzles.

Yvette has a motto that brings her back to her zone: “I will break the cycle and create a new normal because My joy is not up for auction, My peace is not on clearance, My worth cannot be set by this world, Every part of me is invaluable.”

Corei'Ana Conrad

Corei'Ana Conrad CHW, Forest Park, New Orleans, Louisiana

Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, Corei’Ana has always had a passion for helping people and started volunteering in her community at a young age. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Performance and Health Promotion from the University of New Orleans and is also a birth and postpartum doula and Breastfeeding Specialist. She has experience in hospital and nursing home settings and previously worked as a health educator providing nutritional assistance and counseling to low-income families in New Orleans and surrounding areas. In her free time, Corei’Ana runs a breastfeeding support group for parents and provides them with the necessary education and tools to have a successful breastfeeding journey if they choose.