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Nysha Marquez

Nysha Marquez RSC, Belmont Portfolio: Irvine Turner Apartments & Center City Apartments, Newark, New Jersey

Nysha Marquez has been working with children, teenagers, and families in the Essex County, NJ area for over 10 years in various capacities, ranging from childcare environments to residential and community settings.  Ms. Marquez is an Essex County native, and the proud product of the NJ Foster Care system.  She currently serves as an Employment Specialist & Case Manager for APL Associates, an organization dedicated to providing employment assistance services to disabled people. She is a skilled and dedicated case manager that cares about her clients. In addition to her work with APL Associates, Ms. Marquez is also a Behavioral Assistant and Situational Response Team Member for Youth Consultation Services. Nysha’s professional life’s work has been centered upon direct social service of the less fortunate.  She is accomplishing this through mentoring and social advocacy, as a way of harvesting tomorrow’s leaders in our communities, teaching them to overcome yesterday’s difficulties by firmly grasping their present and future.